Remote Order Entry – Trace Program

This computer program allows the dispensary or office to enter Rx orders, along with a frame trace, and transmit this information by modem or the Internet directly to the offsite lens laboratory.

Example of Remote Order Entry

Please call 800-795-9927 for username and password. To view the Frame Tracer Interface plug-in, please accept the Optivision security certificate.

OptiCalc Rx Calculation System

The Optivision Opticalc software system is designed to provide Rx calculations for lenses upon order entry of the Rx. These calculations provide the lens surfacing information on a shop ticket. The software system also incorporates the technology provided in the OptEquip system, the software system designed to allow lab machinery from different manufacturers to “talk” to each other.

Machine Communications

An important feature of the Optivision system is it’s design to allow machines from different manufacturers to communicate with each other throughout the lens making process. This allows the lab owner the freedom to choose preferred equipment without worrying about machine compatibility. This machine interface component of the system is built into the system and is provided at no extra charge to the system user.

Optivision Lab and Business Forms

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