For technical support, please use one of the following access points:

Lens OPC Search
Use the entry box below to search our lens database for an existing lens. If we don’t have it, we’ll get it.


Search our Knowledge Base 
The Knowledge Base at contains information about common questions which may frequently be asked. Optivision invites you to become familiar with its contents since quite often a problem that you may be experiencing has been posted along with a solution.

Post a question or technical difficulty on our Issues Site
If you are experiencing an issue that is not in the Knowledge Base, we have a place to enter issues at where you can post a question 24 hours a day. We are notified and can take appropriate action. This is a great way to keep a running record of correspondence of an issue through to its resolution.

Customer Portal
Click here to access the lookup and mapping values interface for electronic orders transmitted through Eyefinity, VisionWeb, and other integrations. This resource is used to manage order values to keep them up-to-date. This portal will have more functionality added over time. The portal requires the lab’s regular username and password for access – please contact Optivision if needed.

E-mail us at, or send a message by clicking here.

Other Tools/Info

Lens Description Standard Data File Checker

This service is used to confirm that a data file following the Lens Description Standard is correct. Enter the filename from your computer system below and then click the Process button to have Optivision’s LDS Data File Parser check the file.

Lens Description Standard Data File Parser
This tool is useful for lens vendors that use Microsoft Excel to manage lens data.