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Optivision, Inc., based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, is a software company that has offered a comprehensive ophthalmic laboratory management system since 1989. The Optivision Laboratory Management System is software that was designed in the ophthalmic laboratory environment by lab people for lab people. About Optivision, Inc.
Our ophthalmic experts, working with our computer systems analysts right in the ophthalmic laboratory, have analyzed the management and technical needs of a laboratory and have provided solutions in our program for each requirement you may have. The result is a software system that works the way you and your lab does!

Our approach to computerizing an ophthalmic laboratory is recognizing that you are in the business of making lenses, and that you and your staff don't have the time or desire to become computer experts.

Degreed in Computer Engineering from Wright State University, our president David Wedwick leads the research, development and deployment of software in the Optivision Laboratory Management System. In ten years of involvement with Optivision, Inc., David has brought more than 25 years of successful programming experience from a variety of business environments and consulting projects.

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